Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thursday WOD - Why We Do What We Do


10 rounds of:
Sprint 6 flights of stairs
Rest 3:1 (if it takes you 30 seconds, rest 90 seconds)
Time each ascent.

Post times to comments.

Credo - from

I train in a garage gym. Not because I can’t train in a carpeted, shiny, air conditioned palace, but because I know that just being willing to train in discomfort leads to greater gains, some that you can see and some that you will never.

Some see size and think limitation. You’re too big to do this or too small to lift that,” they say. I consider size and ask, “So what?” What they cannot see is the efficiency of my strength. I am stronger than I should be, more powerful than I am supposed to be and I endure greater than I will allow you to see.

They see a momentary flash of light and expect it to flicker out, when really, it is a lasting spark. A spark is the most powerful moment of a fire’s manifestation. My spark is ready to ignite and grow.

What they don't know is that I will bust my tail to lift more, run faster, jump higher and endure even greater. They see deficiency and assume little of me. I see deficiency and recognize a call to action.

When they say to me, “you’re just not at that level,” be sure to examine my reaction closely. You will see a smirk on my face and hop in my step. For I know what they do not. Whichever goal I have yet to attain is closer to fruition than they can imagine. What inadequacies I have are temporary. I am willing to come to terms with those and work tirelessly to dismiss them. My body will adapt to whatever strain is introduced.  I will be better than they know, not because I dream but because I will it so.

My shoulders are strong enough to carry the burdens of life and the weights in my gym but my will is even stronger.  I squat low and drive my Do-Win’s to the core of our earth. I jerk and throw a loaded-up Pendlay to the heavens. I look up and yell, “Take this weight!” Then, after this glaring moment of weakness, I thank God that it falls back to the ground. I have more P.R.’s to break and with every plate that slams on the wood and rubber platform beneath, I grow closer to that record.

Whatever the weather, I step outside and find a way to use it for my advantage. I run, I drag, I row, I sprint, and I climb. I find a way to thrive in my surroundings.

I am raw and my potential, as of yet, is unrealized.

Around the world, millions are training in their garages and warehouses, parks and strength facilities. The mentality of a person that trains their body to such an extent remains constant, over time, even though the trends come and go. Your first weight set was in your garage. When you think of strength and conditioning, you immediately picture a garage, squat rack and bench press. Most of whom you admire train in uncomfortable environments. Discomfort is comfortable to you.

Some will fail to understand why you can’t find solace in a room with mirrored walls. Not everyone is fortunate enough to train where and how hard you do. They yearn for a “raw” experience where music isn’t filtered and celebrations aren’t toned down.  They settle for pop and inside voices. The magazines just can’t capture what it is that you love about what you do.

Kettle bells, chains, platforms, bumpers, boxes, sleds, hurdles, barbells, rings, rowers, medicine balls and ropes are not universal but in our garages, they are. You know that strength inside? You sharpen it every day. That spark that I told you about? It never dies does it? When all is said and done, they will see that the garage gym mentality is shared by many. The Sic Fit will congregate here.

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