Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday WOD - Sectionals Day 2

                                                 WOD 1


10 rounds for reps:
1:00 Squats
1:00 Rest


WOD 4 - 69th (340 X 5 Deadlift)

WOD 5 - 41st (Sled Drag/Double Unders/Muscleups - 12:30)

Overall Placing - 30th Place

Another incredible day spent losing my voice cheering on my competitors (and getting cheered on by them); such an amazing community we have at CrossFit. I made quite a few friends, and met tons of great people. 

I just read this piece by James Fitzgerald (OPT '07 CF Games Champ) and it is a very good piece of wisdom.

"Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable"

There is more to improvements in physical work capacity than meets the eye.
I first thought that exercise only made our muscles more able, our hearts sustain and our minds free. When I first started introducing people to a component of intensity, I would see changes and outcomes moreso at a psycho-social level than at the physical level.
I thought that there must have been something to the exercise that was causing this.
I have discovered over time that the point at which a person reaches a certain level of intensity is when exercise becomes a "spiritual" thing for them.
Their friends call it obsession, I call it discipline. An act in which they search out ways to get outside of the normal homeostasis a lot of folks seem to be comfortable with today.
When exercising, I have direct evidence that for those that get to limits that are safe but outside of their comfort zone, these individuals become "stronger, more confident" people on multiple levels.
Getting uncomfortable is different for everyone. For one it may mean stepping in our doors, for another it may be breathing hard for the first time since they were a child and for another it may mean teetering on the edge of performance and injury.
Whatever the case, it is important to get uncomfortable and over time create a comfort with this state of being. I can attest that it makes it all worthwhile in the end.
Recently a beginning client mentioned she was going to make the step to go to the local community gym and do her OPT workouts there as she felt confident enough after doing it in her basement.
Another example was an online client of mine who has agreed to change his life that required changes in his job in order to move forward.
And finally, one long time client had gotten to the point where she felt that it was time to compete at a fitness competition after her long journey with self perception challenges.
All of these examples are of folks that are stepping into another realm and making it happen; a realm that requires some discomfort, and that is OK.
 - James Fitzgerald

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