Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday WOD - Northwest Regional CrossFit Competition Recap

"Deadly Burp"
5 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlift (275/185#)
10 Burpees

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This was a crazy weekend, that's for sure. The Mt. Baker CrossFit team gave it our all, and that's what we came to do. 37 teams competed this weekend, representing affiliates from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Utah, and Nevada.
Day 1 - Saturday
The first affiliate event was a relay of rowing and running. Each team got one rower, and each of the four athletes had to row 50 calories, then in the same order that they rowed, each team member had to run 800m, one at a time until they all finished. Everybody worked hard, and Luke finished it out with a great sprint. We came in with a time of 18:11, in 27th place.
The second affiliate event was a team chipper. Each team member had to do at least 5 reps of each excercise, but anyone could complete the muscleups at the end. As a team we had to complete:
120 Burpees
120 Pullups
120 Overhead Squats (95/65#)
120 Axle Deadlifts (213/123#)
20 Muscleups
Troy and I were the guys in this workout, and we started by alternating between our selves between pullups and burpees. This way we didn't have to change weights as often, and we finished our pullups before any other team in our heat. Troy started getting intermittent cramps halfway into the workout, but he kept pushing through the reps. When we got to the rings, neither the girls or Troy could get any muscleups, so I completed the 20, in 2-3 rep sets. Despite the obstacles, we still managed to finish in 17:39, in 24th place. This bumped us up to 25th overall.
Day 2 - Sunday
The third and final affiliate event was a short one, but an interesting and ultimately pretty fun one. It consisted of a two-person clean & jerk for as many repetitions as possible in 90 seconds, with the weight of the bar at 275lbs for men, and 185lbs for women. The two women went first and completed a noteworthy 12 reps in 90 seconds (some of the other teams got only 15 reps, men and women combined!). After quickly adding 90lbs, it was our turn. When the timer started, we set a pace that was smooth and fast, but as time went on shoulders got fatigued and we slowed down. Regardless, we kept a great pace and got 19 repetitions (just one short of what we were shooting for!) Our total of 31 reps put us at 4th place in that event.
When we checked online, at first it had us at 7th overall, and we were pretty happy with that, but then, when the rankings were posted on the wall, we were 5th! This was a mistake unfortunately, and we actually ended up in 19th place. It was a great weekend, and I can't wait to train with all my team members again soon!

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