Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thursday WOD - Money in the bank...

I'd like to compare training and performance to buying a car. Stay with me here for a sec, alright, this actually makes some sense.

I like to think of everything we do outside of the training itself as deposits in a bank. You do some foam rolling, there's some cash, eat right, big deposit in your account, make sure you get plenty of sleep and avoid stress, big bonus check from the boss.

Now, training is where you spend the money. A great training program is like finding a great quality car at a decent price, a lot of bang for your buck, you'll get great results for the effort put in. A ill-prepared program is like finding a slightly used car at a new car price, not a lot of value there, and a lot of effort wasted.

Now, if you don't invest in your account, by doing the right stuff such as sleeping, stretching, mobility work, minimizing stress, and taking care of everything else outside of training, you won't be able to afford the great results even if you find the great deal/program.

So my challenge to you is: How much money can you put in the bank?

Alright, my rant's over, to la entraĆ®nement!

Strength WOD
3 X 5 Bench Press

AMRAP in 2 min of:

Rest 2 min

AMRAP in 2 min of
10 Pushups Unbroken
10 KB Swings Unbroken

Rest 2 min

Row as far as possible in 2 min.

Squat - 6 min
Couch Stretch - 4 min (2min/side)

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