Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday - Rest Day

Today is a choice between a complete rest day or some light gymnastic work. Practice your handstands, or if you are just learning to, practice kicking up into handstands. Play with some pseudo planche pushups (place your hands near your waist). Try some other stuff if you like, just take it EASY, this is purely skill practice. Focus on trying to focus(yes, somewhat redundant) and maintain balance. Make sure to keep active shoulders in the handstand (think about trying to raise your shoulders up towards your ears).

Hey guys, 4:30pm for training is looking like it could be a good alternative for people who's classes run a bit later than last quarter. Send me an email if this would not work for you and/or the 3:30pm time works better. Or, if another time would work better, let me know. We're trying to accommodate as many people as possible, and each one of  your feedback helps. Thanks!

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