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Friday - "Five Rules to Live By" by Michele Vieux

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Five Rules to Live By
Written by Michele Vieux

Have you ever found yourself in a potentially embarrassing or painful situation? Would you like to avoid future encounters? Well now you can! Just abide by these five, simple rules.

1. Remove necklaces before a workout involving any lift you must use yourself as a rack (i.e., cleans, front squats, back squats, shoulder press, push press and push jerk). The constant pounding of the bar into your chest or back of the neck can damage your skin. Yes, the bloody t-shirt looks tough but the scarring left behind is less than desirable - as is the painful stinging (followed by the scream of a pre-pubescent girl) you will feel upon entry into the shower.

2. Throw down the towel (or t-shirt) to avoid the AbMat raspberry. Some people are more prone to this phenomenon than others. I have never experienced it myself but I have witnessed many a raspberry on CrossFitting friends. This wound may initially go unnoticed, that is, until it reveals itself to you when your nice, warm shower washes over it. (See above re: high-pitched screaming)

3. Always pee before double-unders. Enough said.

4. Hygiene is great but NEVER wash your hands before pull-ups. I learned this one from a former weightlifter AFTER I tore badly at last year’s Games (picture here). The water softens up the skin which can cause painful tearing of the hands.

5. And, the top rule to live by: To avoid the pain, you must maintain (your calluses). We use our hands a lot in CrossFit to move ourselves around objects (pull-ups) and to move objects around ourselves (kettlebell swings, cleans, snatches, etc.). The constant rubbing of the bar on the hands causes a callus buildup which can tear if not properly maintained. Everyone will eventually blister and/or tear at some point during their CrossFit journey but excessive tearing can be avoided. Go to your local drugstore and scope out the beauty aisle where they stock manicure/pedicure kits. Buy one. Use it often. You can purchase a variety of tools to help shave, sand and buff down your hands a couple times a week. Overzealous buffing is not recommend so don’t attempt to get rid of all the buildup in one sitting—this can be just as painful as the result of not maintaining. However, taking a few minutes here and there to address your problem areas will save you much pain and suffering.

(The above mentioned rule #4 can be applied to any workout in which you have a good chance to get a rip.)

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