Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thursday WOD - The Squat

                        Nicole - Overhead Squat Competition

Row 2K for time.

Post time to comments.

The Air Squat (otherwise known simply as the squat)
The squat is the basis for a great number of movements in CrossFit. The unweighted squat is also one of the most basic functional movements someone can perform, as it’s useful in training and in the real world. In CrossFit, we use the Olympic style squat because it carries over into other movements such as the thruster, clean, snatch, overhead squat, high-bar back squat, and wallball, just to name a few.  Mastering the proper form for the squat may take some a very long time, as the squat requires not only coordination, balance, and flexibility, but also for some people, an elimination of bad habits. The benefit gained from mastering the squat, however, is enormous.

Below is a collection of videos to help you understand what IS and what IS NOT good form.

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  1. 500m Row for warmup, then pulled a 7:32 for the 2K. Rested, then pulled a PR on the 500m, 1:39!